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«MICHELIN Russian Company producing tires» Ltd


«MICHELIN Russian Company producing tires» Ltd

“MICHELIN Russian Company producing tires” Ltd. is engaged in development of partnership network of tire centers under name of Tyre Plus.

To Managing Director of IC «1C-Rarus»
Kazachkov Dmitriy Iosifovich
From Director of partnership program
Development Department «MICHELIN
Russian Company producing tires» Ltd. 
Mazaev Nikolay Nikolaevich.

Success Story

“MICHELIN Russian Company producing tires” Ltd. is engaged in development of partnership network of tire centers under name of Tyre Plus.

For optimization of accounting processes in our tire centers by our company was made a decision about updating to new version of “1C:Enterprise 8”. IC “1C-Rarus” was chosen as a partner for performing this project, “1C: Trade Management 8” software was chosen as base.

Following features, increasing efficiency of “MICHELIN” resources usage, were implemented within the project:

  • Planning of sales, purchases, payments.
  • Optimization of commodity stock considering expected goods from suppliers.
  • Analysis of managers work efficiency.
  • Flexible scheme of pricing with use of various discounts to clients.
  • Powerful system of reporting, which allows get all required data with groupings and filters, adjusted by user.

While implementing the project, standard possibilities of “1C:Trade Management” on automatic data collection for accounting, transferring this data to “1C:Accounting 8” and accounting configurations, based on “1C:Enterprise 7.7”, were used.

As a result of “1C:Trade Management 8” implementation company “MICHELIN” have got modern solution for trade operation accounting, necessary tools for increasing enterprise management efficiency. Using of the solution, developed in cooperation with IC “1C-Rarus”, provided optimization and development of tire center’s business processes, increase of partner’s competitiveness and helped to improve partnership network as a whole.

Now cooperation of “MICHELIN” and IC “1C-Rarus” continues: consultation and methodological user support provided. We would like to make a special thanks to employee of IC “1C-Rarus”, Department of retail automation, Maxim Vikulin for participating in development of solutions for tire center’s business processes automation.

We looking forward for further fruitful collaboration with IC “1C-Rarus” and Maxim Vikulin particularly.

Mazaev Nikolay Nikolaevich, Мазаев Николай Николаевич, Director of Development Department

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