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Our organization is AMBIKA INVESTMENTS LIMITED (the sphere is Investment Companies and Funds).  

We applied to 1C-Rarus Company or carrying out operations connected with the processes of automation based on the platform “1C: Enterprise 8”.

Our organization has decided to use the program solution “1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting” ed. 1 for “1C: Accounting 8” in order to achieve automated accounting in accordance with Russian legislation.

The system was implemented on July 6th 2012. 

The main factors which have influenced our decision to choose the program solution “1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting” ed.1 for “1C: Accounting 8” are the following:

  • Accounting in accordance with regulated rules 19/02, 18/02;
  • Accounting for several organization (including customers on agreements of asset management – legal entities) in the same database;
  •  Customization of accounting policy for every organization;
  •  Accounting for different types of financial tools: shares, bonds (including bearer and amortized bonds), promissory notes (including their own), deposits (including currency deposits), ADR;
  • Accounting for securities operations: purchase/sale including RP with shares and bonds, marginal deals, exchange of promissory notes, output of their own exchange of bill, assignment/restitution of the property;
  • Accounting for corporate actions: Redemption ACI / bonds / promissory notes; CB converting;
  • Accounting for given and received loans: Giving/Receiving loans, repayment of credits, interest charges on loans;
  •  Accounting for regulated operations: CB revaluation; charge/redemption interest rates on deposit; charge a commission; reevaluation of foreign currency assets;  charge variation margin;
  • Loading of securities from NSD;
  • Loading of quotations and transactions from standard files of MICEX and RTX as well as from other trading platforms of the following files formats: txt (csv), dbf, xls, xml.

Software program C-Rarus: Securities Accounting” ed.1 for “1C: Accounting 8” has a comprehensible and user-friendly interface that is very easy in use. As a result of its implementation the efficiency of the automated services has been improved, time for handling some routine operations has been reduced, and the quality of stuff work has been increased.

Successfully applying different industry solutions developed on the platform “1C: Enterprise 8”, we recommend other companies to become users of this software program.

Petros Livanios

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