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Frait Link JSC
2nd Ochakovsky lane
119361 Moscow, Russia
Tel/fax: (095) 937-77-77

to CEO of 1C-Rarus
D. Kazachkov
from Freit Link JSC

Letter of Appreciation

Frait Link JSC expresses its gratitude to 1C-Rarus team for their professional work and significant support to automation of financial accounting at the company.

We strongly welcome the activity of your company and in particular the effective and experienced work of the leading expert Phail Minnibaev who has been providing support to our company for more than 5 years. He solves our problems and responds to our wishes in a prompt and timely manner.

Our company has a developed network of branches and offers a wide range of delivery options in more than 1800 cities of the Russian Federation under Pony Express brand.

We have been collaborating with 1C-Rarus since 2000. In that year we addressed first to Rarus, then we carried out an express inspection for problem setting. As a result of the inspection, optimal programs had been chosen for the central office. 1C-Rarus employees conducted the primary inspection correctly and in short time. They transferred and imported data from the database of the other accounting system. They also taught our employees how to use the new software.

In 2002 a successful transfer to a new chart of accounts was conducted. Simultaneously, 1C-Rarus experts put into operation the system of distributed database with the component “Distributed database management” based on 1C:Accounting.  Data exchange with subsidiaries was also realized.

In 2005 a new accounting system was developed. It had a great number of different functional possibilities. It took into consideration the company’s further growth and development. Data transmission  from the central office and branches was enabled.

At the present moment, 1C:Enterprise provides possibilities for bookkeeping, tax accounting, budgeting cash assets and expenses. Automation on the base of 1C improves efficiency of the accounts department and company’s managers.

Professional skills of 1C-Rarus experts make us sure that our further collaboration will be successful and, as usual, all our wishes on automation will be responded in a prompt and timely manner.

Finance director of Frait Link
A. Vastaev

Chief accountant of Frait Link
A. Titenkov

15 September 2005

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