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1C:Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting

1C:Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting

The software “1C: Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting. Basic” is developed to keep records in poultry farms and provides automation of different business activities: from keeping records for poultry body weight and population to the estimation of the manufacturing cost.

1C: Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting provides functions caused by the specifity of financial and management accounting in poultry farms:

  • Accounting for the incubation costs;
  • Accounting for egg production;
  • Accounting for poultry body weight and population;
  • Production and processing accounting;
  • Accounting for sales of finished products;
  • Monitoring of poultry population during non-operational document posting;
  • Accounting on the characteristics and series of stock items;
  • Cost allocation in the context of egg batches.

1C: Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting includes:

  • additional catalogs that provide analytical accounting, some catalogs have already been filled in with the normative information;
  • specialized reports for agricultural organizations;
  • forms of primary accounting complying with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance in Russia, Federal State Statistics Service in Russia, the Ministry for Tax and Revenue of Russia and other departments.

The implementation of 1C: Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting allows you to monitor company’s resources and provides employees of accounting and financial services with the flexible accounting tool that complies with the requirements of the legislation and modern market.

The software “1C: Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting” is developed on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform and benefits from it: it is flexible, scalable and customizable. The system has additional functional features, which are necessary to keep regulatory accounting at enterprises of poultry farming industry. 

The 3d edition of 1C: Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting has been released. It allows you to work in the mode of managed application:

  • work support in the mode of thin and web client;
  • new possibilities to control interface and some separate forms;
  • transfer of the main “computing” load to the server and economical use of client’s resources.

1C: Enterprise 8. Poultry Farm Accounting ed. 3 supports work via the Internet in the service mode that means running the program not on the user’s computer, but via the web-browser on the web-site that provides this service. In this case, the user is guaranteed to have a safe storage of accounting data on this web-site while preserving confidentiality.

This model is also referred to a “cloud” service. One main feature of using the cloud service is that users cannot use their own resources, e.g. to support their servers and track new versions of Poultry Farm Accounting, caused by any changes in the law.

The users will be able to use the software locally on their computers or work in the cloud and then return to the local mode with the migration of accounting data. 


Important! To scale up and increase a number of workplaces, you should purchase additional licenses.

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