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1C:Trade Management

1C:Trade Management

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" provides accounting, planning, and sales data analysis, improving a company's management efficiency.

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" has many more functions than "1C:Trade and Warehouse 7.7" and automates the following activities

  • Sales management (wholesale, retail, commission trade)
  • Delivery management
  • Stock management (including web extension "Remote warehouse")
  • Sales and purchase orders management
  • CRM Sales and purchase planning
  • Price management (including analysis)
  • Main activities analysis for top management
  • Integration with trade equipment (scales, POS, barcode scanners)
1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" automates all base trade and warehouse operations, bank and cash operations, basic data acquisition for financial accounting (for further transferring to 1C:Accounting 8 and 1C:Accounting 7.7 application). An upgrade from "1C:Trade and Warehouse 7.7" is also available.

There are two versions of "1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management"

  • "1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" base version
  • "1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" professional version

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management"

  • Improves efficiency of all company services
  • Work with real time information
  • Includes a fast and flexible report system for different levels of company management

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" includes special report for top management, which includes

  • Cash balance and turnovers
  • Payables and receivables
  • Stock statement
  • Inbound and outbound payments schedule
  • Cost of goods in stock
  • Sales personnel efficiency
  • Marketing campaigns efficiency

This report may be setup to run automatically and be sent by email permitting company management to receive actual information and make decisions wherever they are.

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" helps to manage

  • Goods turnover and prices
  • Sales order management
  • Stock balance optimization
  • Turnover analysis
  • Purchases and deliveries planning

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" is a powerful tool, which handles routine processes and enables managers to focus on business development.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Sales process management
  • Business processes mechanism
  • АВС/XYZ analysis
  • CRM Reporting

Sales Rules Management, Marketing

  • Price calculation mechanism as arbitrary formulas
  • Mechanism for automatic calculation of discounts or margins
  • Individual control of specific items (discounts for marketing campaigns)
  • Segmentation mechanism to identify stable group of customers

Sales Management

  • Quotation based on data of primary interest to the client
  • Possible flows of sales documents are presented in the following figurePossible schemes of sales documents
  • Customer order status
  • Order confirmation process
  • Payment schedule per order
  • Debt control

Sales Representatives (Agents) Management

  • Assigning agents to clients
  • Scheduling client visits
  • Assisting in order preparation
  • Analysis of sales representatives` efficiency
  • PDA Extension

Financial resources

  • Payments calendar
  • Automatic recording of all payments
  • Confirming completion of bank payments
  • Generating reports on bank transactions
Registration reports from banks on crediting payments, write-off returns, withholding commissions

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse efficiency, maintaining balances of goods in the context of "storage sites" (cells, shelves, shelving), and packaging of goods
  • Allocation management upon receiving
  • Inventory control
  • Goods Provisioning Mechanism
  • Automatic order generation

Procurement Management

  • Supplier price list management
  • Automated order control
  • Monitor payment progress
  • Analysis of payments to suppliers

Financial Accounting

  • Tracks intercompany operations
  • Accounting for financial results (profit and losses) is tailored to specific company’ needs
  • Customer definable rules for distribution of costs and revenues from sales activities
  • Cost control

1C Trade Management solution is fully developed on the web-application of 1C: Enterprise 8.2 platform.

Several subsystems developed in the web-application

    • Remote equipment (trade and etc.) integrations
    • Printing
    • Export to .doc (Microsoft Word) and .odt (OpenOffice) formats
    • Typical file operations
    • Revision control

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